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Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization How-To:

The current W3C LSI technique to reflect the content of equivalent content words Choosing the appropriate page titles (Title) the use of the robots.txt file The use of meta tags  Regulation of intra-site movement Relevant to the content of the site from other sites links collection Site of the selected keyword density in the determination of the content of the site Search the site more motororu spiders to create site map for quick screening Related keywords using features such as bold or italic to remove Not designed with a table layout, the creation of CSS-based site

Most important factors in Search Engine optimizations no longer the most important factor when the original content has been backlink.
Thanks to this new movement started wikipedia.org google algorithm has been included as soon as possible. Search engine optimization practices are often done through google. Yahoo and other search engines will not be KaaLe.  Large part because of internet google search engine users as they are known.
Seo, search engine bot is applied to the use of their work to appear is cute. Seo In recent years, especially in the advertising sector has gained importance.

Domain Name Selection Optimization of Effect:

Search engine optimization of your work harder for your domain name fairly large impact factors:

Domain name has long been be saved The end of the domain name to be in time at least 3 years away Domain name containing the keywords related to Domain name more than three reagents (-) should not contain. This type of search engines like Google and spam cases (harmful) as may imply.

Backlink Alma Yöntemleri : Backlink Retrieval Methods:

Social Media Networks (Social Bookmarking) Relevant to your content by adding comments to blogs Enter your own link RSS to build the structure (your articles for publication on other sites) To create high quality and original content (the most natural and ethical backlink factor) Deployed in different C-Class IP address to produce artificial sites and their network to establish links between Webmaster forum with the other web site owners to participate in reciprocal or cross link exchange network

Backlink Analyzing Methods of the Number and Qualifications:

To follow your site's existing backlinkls There are several methods.

Through Google "link: siteadi.com" query Altavista via the "link: siteadi.com" query Yahoo over the "link: siteadi.com" query

To reach this kind of data related to domain I as the site's address whois.domaintools.com address at the end of the domain name you want to do research, writing the shortest way to get results.

Recorded the number of pages search engine to find the buffer:

Search engines via "site: www.siteadresi.com" in the form of web pages can be indexed by search.

IP Address of your site:

Often hosting companies calculate the normal host of the web page on the same server for all web sites to the same IP address is, and this IP address group from the web page of any of the bad content is the same as your IP address because you etkileyecektir.Bu therefore also a specific IP address, you must use. Which cost roughly £ 5-10 to meet with the IPs provide services can be provided.

is the wikipedia article.

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